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About the Artist: Donna Matles
While on a canoe trip in the Quetico border area between Minnesota and Canada, Donna and her husband became windbound on a large island for several days. During one hike into the woods they discovered an outcropping of a greenish rock with sparkling bits in it. The rock was later identified as a chromium ore that could be cut and polished. This discovery led to a life long love affair with rocks, gemstones and silver and gold smithing.

Turning rocks into cabochons and then either constructing or casting settings led to teaching jewelry making at a local Museum Art School. In addition she marketed her jewelry through national craft markets.

Her work has been published in "Jewelry Making for School, Tradesmen, Craftsmen" by Murray Bovine and "Jewelry-Basic Techniques and Design" by Alice Sprintzen, as well as American Craft, Cuisine, and Art Jewelry magazines. Most recently her Torah pointers were featured in "500 Judaica: - innovative Contemporary Ritual Art" by Lark Crafts.

Donna"s background in sculpture is evident in her commissioned works. The interplay of linear forms can be seen here. After making jewelry for 30 years she renewed her interest in wood by taking up woodturning and is now combining silver with exotic woods. For over ten years Donna has been texturing and forming silver beads and inlaying fine silver into carefully selected hardwoods creating one of a kind Torah Pointers. High quality woods plus fine craftsmanship equals heirloom worthy yads.

The range of Donna's talents extend to design and carving of accent pieces for synagogues and other community institutions. She welcomes commissions for carved doors, lecterns, and other ritual items.
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Donna Matles is a proud member of the American Guild of Judaic Art and the Society of North American Goldsmiths.
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